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Welcome to, SFC!

I suppose any post is as good as any for a 25B (computer weenie, right?) but I'm partial to Ft. Bragg or maybe Ft. Benning. I'm sure the 82nd could use your services. Maybe you could even take a laptop with you on the fast way off an aircraft.

Even though I was never there I heard that Ft. Carson & Ft. Lewis are real nice. Ft. McCoy, WI, although basically a Reserve & Guard training center has a large Active Army component if you like WI winters & lots of woods similar to western Europe.

It's probably sufficient to say that most Army posts have their good points as well as their bad. It's in which balance they have them. The posts I've been to, mostly TDY, were Campbell, Hood, Sill, Riley, Knox, McCoy, Benning & of course Bragg. A lot to be said about all of them. If what's said is good or bad is up to you.
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