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Attitude is everything in RIP. Of course you have to be able to meet the PT requirements of 70% passing for the 17-21 age group & do many other physical things but if you have a bad attitude or act in a "non-Ranger manner", like forgetting about your Ranger Buddy, you're out on your a$$ no matter what you scored on the PT test. RIP Instructors unlike Ranger School Instructors are in the 75th Ranger Regt & they are very careful who they let in. They might have to fight side by side with these guys when they get back in Batt.

Cheating, lying, stealing are all DQing offenses. As in everything in the Army it's attention to detail that's important.

The easiest & surest way to get into the 75th is through RIP. It's hard but not impossible to get there from Big Army. Normally it would be a reenlistment option & if the soldier is SSG & above he'll go to Ranger Assessment Program (RAP) & that puts a whole new load on the soldier because now he has to prove he can lead as a Ranger & he wouldn't be able to do that even as an NCO until he gets through Ranger School. No Ranger Tab, no leadership position regarles of rank. My son was a SGT squad leader & had an SFC under him until the SFC got his Tab.
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