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Originally Posted by reconmedik View Post
Why is it everytime a country has problems they want to look to the U.S. to fix thier problems??? I am sure if we went to Sri Lanka we would be greeted with flowers and kisses,then welcomed some more with IED's and snipers. I think it's time that we start telling other Countries to solve thier own problems I am tired of Americans shedding thier blood for a bunch of ungrateful religous nut jobs!!!
Why is it that idiots like you, think the world wants you to sort their problems out? You can't even sort your own problems out and now that you are effectively banqrupt and being propped up by Saudi oil money, the likely hood of you sorting anything out has deminished considerably.
Get real bo-zo America the Junkie state of mankind, your numbers up and you're sadly wanting.

what a fruitcake!
The peasant bourgeoisie and their self righteous inclinations are the wests cancer!
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