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Originally Posted by js mac View Post
I'm surprised more don't go AWOL. Its not as if they are protecting their country in Iraq and Afghanistan is it. They're being conned and left to rot......We shud just leeve now and stop getting killed over there.
Most who have enlisted did so while we were at war in Iraq & Afghanistan & knew they'd be there sooner or later. Most who have enlisted during wartime did so willingly & in my son's case because we were at war. By the way he did five deployments to both Iraq & Afghanistan & truly believes we belong there & is willing to go back again.

If you don't think the war on terrorism isn't worth it then you certainly have forgotten 9/11/01. A week after that the President announced we would fight terrorism any where it was found & for as long as it takes. Polls showed that over 90% of the American people agreed with that. They must have forgotten the "as long as it takes" part as you obviously did. To leave Iraq now would be to turn more of the Mideast into terrorist havens. To leave Afghanistan would be to give Osama a free pass. To me that's a plain out & out surrender & that's not what or young warriors were taught.

Bottom line - we're killing a whole lot more of them than they are of us. To keep it in perspective we lost more men on the first five minutes of D Day, June 6 1944 than we've lost in the whole war on terrorism including 9/11.

And how can you say that our service persons are being conned. Are you another one that thinks our fighting men are stupid & don't know there's a war going on when they enlist & they'll be put in harm's way? A young person who thinks that would be too stupid to even pass the ASVAB.

You've just demeaned the whole military establishment of the U.S. & I take great offense of that. I didn't spend 27 years in the military to surrender when things aren't going exactly right, especially now that we've really started kicking butt. My son just lost a fellow Ranger in Iraq, a close friend of his. His resolve is just as great as ever to keep the pressure on. He's still thinking about coming out of the Reserve & going back to being a Ranger. Do you actually believe he's being conned?

By the way - the person that this thread is the subject of went AWOL because he had a court martial & was trying to dodge justice,. No where did I read he went AWOL because of the war. He's just another criminal on the lam.
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