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Hi There LuvJessica

Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy our crazy debates... and by old means post as many questions as you wish.. However, as you are new to the whole "Army" deal, may I draw your attention to "OPSEC/PERSEC", which Stands for Operational Security and Personal Security, which you as a pending Army Wife will be required to participate in for your security, your Boyfriends security and that of his unit. The link is a below.. any questions, just ask...


On the issue of deployment, your BF appears to be serious about his pending military career in the USARNG, which is great. Deployment experience would be valuable to him as a soldier both now and in the future. If he decides to go, may I suggest you support him and keep busy whilst he is away, there are many Army wives and GFs here that you could network with.. and Im other other sites, but just remember your persec/opsec thread as above.. Deployments are long for US Military compared to other militaries, but small compared to a lifetime together...

Take Care
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