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I dont have anything to say on this untill i have something solid from my govt...

but this was always the point?

its slow its sluggish... hell lets just go nazi while we are AT IT...

friggin.... mumble....

what was the point of the whole union?
many members of this forum dont seem to understand it..
is it because they live in US or something else?

its not like there were never dissagreements there?

its so easy to go and point fingers when your not in the "ring" at all.

i say keep your bananas!

we shall sort this thing out on our own. to better or worse.

we have much to sort out... forexample the eastern areas of the union...
there are plenty of volitile situations there... thats why i would recommend a more saddle approach with the expansion all to gether.. well we said this.. do they listen the smaller members?...
thats another cup of tea.

and we do need to think before we take another sip.
which aparently has not been on the list of things to concider.
in financial terms.. the EU is still far better off than USA.

and dont make me quote all your mishaps.

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