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Originally Posted by PUPS1973 View Post
My husband is in the Natioanl Guard. He just recieved a letter that his a second alternate to deploy to afghanistan. When he went to work the next day to tell his employer, his employer had already heard it from someone else. The same thing happened when he told his family about the deployment. My husband knew nothing about the deployment before the letter came. We have traced back the source of the rumor to an E-8 who is also set to deploy to Afghanistan on the same mission. We feel this was a violation of my husband privacy rights. Does anyone have an opinion? Does he have any recource?

Sadly, things like this happen. Is it right? No, it isn't and yes it very much is a violation of the privacy act. Is there anything you can do about it, not really. You could go through his chain of command and let them know that you weren't happy with how things went down the likelihood that anything would actually come of it, is slim.
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