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Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
My son shot his buddy's when he was in 3rd Ranger Batt. He said it was probably the best (and most expensive) handgun made. He personally like his Glock 23 & 19 & my 22 &23. Not the besy handguns in the world but the price is right & you drop them in a tub of mud, shake them off a little & commence firing. With Glocks you have to make sure you have the updated magazines with the metal insert. Otherwise the plastic can swell & you have the possibility to get a stovepipe due to a misfeed.

For a few years when I wanted my own firearm to use on the job I shied away from them because of the plastic magazines but when I found out why they made them that way I reconsidered. Drop a plastic magazine & it retains its shape. Drop a metal one & you get some nice dents.
I've shot my buddy's Glock and I really liked it. The trigger wasn't too heavy and not too light either. I've never shot a Kimber though. Aren't these what SF guys carry?
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