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RetroPinupVeronica 02-17-2009 12:57 PM

OCONUS, ERD, COT and Command Sponsorship
My husband and I are having a problem with his Germany tour. I will try and keep my explanation concise, but please ask questions if you need clarification.

My husband got accompanied orders to Germany. While he was there I was injured and had to return to the US under an EROD for medical treatment. At that time we were told I would be able to join him upon receipt of new orders that required a PCS.

Fast forward 18 months later. He has a COT which requires a PCS from one OCONUS location in Germany to another location in Germany. His orders are marked "Dependants: YES". We were told by our losing command reassignments office that since it was a new tour there should be no problems with getting command sponsorship and a government paid move. We just need him to apply for command sponsorship at his new command.

He arrives at his new command. Turns in the paperwork for his new tour. Here comes the problem. His S-1 office is stating that his COT is a continuation of his prior tour and is not a PCS. They also say he has to apply to the Garrison Commander for an exception to get me command sponsored and that we have to pay for the move ourselves.

I've done some research through Army regulations and this is what I've found.

AR 614-30 chapter 4 subsection b&c = COT as PCS

AR 55-46 section II 5-7 G = Serving COT entitles government paid move

AR 55-46 Section III 5-8 B = PCS = government paid move

AEP 37-10 ERD and ATD Entitlements family moved from designated location to new PDS

Would anyone be able to confirm that I am reading these regulations correctly and that the COT is indeed a new tour, a PCS and that we are entitled to a government paid move?

One last problem, finance is saying that because his orders state "dependants:yes" that if I am not command sponsored within 90 days we will lose BAH. Is this correct?

Thank you for your help!

sdl70 02-19-2009 12:32 PM

A COT is actually a continuation of overseas tour, but is treated like a PCS if they change locations. I would have your husband request the S-1 to inquire higher regarding the Command Sponsorship and or visit JAG/IG. You will have to go through the exceptional family member screening again and if the services where your husband is now located also can't treat any remaining condition it will be denied.

tk1188 02-19-2009 01:44 PM

he shouldnt not loose his BAH at all i was station overseas myself when i was married n did not loose my BAH when my wife left. the only way he can loose it is if he moves into the barracks but other than that they cant take it away from him just cuz you are not there its bs

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