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lurvjessica 06-16-2008 09:44 AM

New, Army National Guardsmen's Fiance. Questions/Concerns/Advice/Stores?!
Hello all, my name is Jessica. I am not sure if I am right to be a member of this Community, Iím not sure if it would be right of me to join or not but I just had some questions, concerns about your Military men/women going to Iraq & stuff. I just want to know, what are the hardest parts? What do you do to get yourself through the days when you really miss him? Just any and all info anyone would like to share. :D

Also for Introduction info, I'm 23/f from Indiana. My Birthda is in August, send presents haha. I met my Guardsmen a year ago last May, we were kind of dating through out the year not anything official, until February 2008. I am a Caregiver to a relative of mine which is how I make my money. I'm a big fan of concerts, live music, road trips, Walt Disney World (Florida), animation and cartoons. :p This is my first & last (as we will be getting married haha) Military Relastionship.

I am engaged to a Army National Guardsmen, I was not dating him when he was in training etc., he was dating someone else at that time. That was about a year or two ago he joined. So I never had to go through any of that kind of stuff. Recently we were talking about how sometimes he thinks about volunteering to go to Iraq. But he didnít want to because he would miss his friends & me way to much because it was difficult enough when he was in training, he doesnít want to be gone for so long. Anyways, he asked me what I thought & I told him it was ultimately up to him what he wanted to do, which shocked him because no one had ever told him before that it was his decision, it was mostly about others feelings, not his. Anyways, long story short, he said he would think about it & if he was deciding on going he would talk to me about it first & we would decide together.

So I guess my reason for writing this is to just get an idea of what he & I might be going through if he did decide to go. I know a lot of nothing about this military stuff, would never do it but give crazy props to those who are amazing enough to do it. I guess I just need different points of view as to how I should think about everything etc. I don't want the only thing for me to be thinking is "OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT HIM!?!?!?!" kind of junk haha. I have so much to leanr. Thank you so much if anyone is willing to share some stories/info. God Bless all you wonderful women who have crazy brave Soldiers!

♥ Jessica 23/f/Indiana

Exo1 06-16-2008 02:11 PM

Hi There LuvJessica

Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy our crazy debates... and by old means post as many questions as you wish.. However, as you are new to the whole "Army" deal, may I draw your attention to "OPSEC/PERSEC", which Stands for Operational Security and Personal Security, which you as a pending Army Wife will be required to participate in for your security, your Boyfriends security and that of his unit. The link is a below.. any questions, just ask...


On the issue of deployment, your BF appears to be serious about his pending military career in the USARNG, which is great. Deployment experience would be valuable to him as a soldier both now and in the future. If he decides to go, may I suggest you support him and keep busy whilst he is away, there are many Army wives and GFs here that you could network with.. and Im other other sites, but just remember your persec/opsec thread as above.. Deployments are long for US Military compared to other militaries, but small compared to a lifetime together...;)

Take Care

jrj1000 06-16-2008 03:45 PM

Welcome to the forum luvjessica....i hope you enjoy the madness here....and have a good sense of humour at the ready

Best wishes jrj1000

Nightflyer 06-16-2008 05:22 PM

Welcome to our Army site. We're soldier's past and present..We have brillant military hobbyist...We also have Army wives..moms and kids.Remember...We're soldier's and this is an Army site. "We know"..The enemy is watching.So be cool and follow our lead...

Welcome and good luck with your soldier and The Army Guard....

Spc. ~ Nightflyer ~ Spec 4 Mafia
Army Aviation / Air Assault.
Black berets forever.

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