The Army Reserve

The Army Reserve is an indispensable part of the United State's defense strategy. The Army Reserves work in conjunction with the Active Army and the National Guard to ensure the safety and integrity of our Nation. » Read More

Two Weeks a Year - One Weekend a Month

When you join the Army Reserve, you can serve your country and maintain a lifestyle all your own. While living near home you'll be a stronger person. A better citizen. And the world will see your strength.

As a Soldier in the Army Reserve, you can:

* Train close to home
* Earn an extra paycheck while serving
* Continue your civilian career
* Continue and help pay for your education
* Build a military retirement
* Gain valuable skills to enhance your civilian job
* Discipline your body and mind

- Pay
- Education
- Health Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Legal Services

The U.S. Army has very specific requirements, including age, citizenship, education and family status. In addtion, you are required to be in excellent physical and mental condition.

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- What to learn
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