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The Army Reserve Soldiers of the 375th Chemical Company have an important responsibility to monitor battlefield conditions and detect chemical or biological threats. During this Field Training Exercise, every individual will build on his or her previous experience by learning how to operate new field equipment, the Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS).

Real World Training

All the training the 375th Chemical Company has received comes down to this—the Field Training Exercise. See how Private First Class Stone and his fellow Army Reserve Soldiers apply everything they've learned, and discover even more about themselves.

Confidense Under Pressure

The Soldiers of the 375th Chemical Company learn how to operate a new piece of equipment, and in the process are tested on all their other Soldiering skills. Watch Specialist Oberloh and her team set up the BIDS equipment and prove that they can get the job done under stress.

A Proud Part of a Team

These Army Reserve Soldiers come away from the FTX with more than just new equipment skills; they've also earned the pride and dignity that comes from a job well done. They know that each Soldier played a major role in the team's success.


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