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As a Soldier in the Army Reserve, part of your job is to defend our country and uphold our freedoms. World events may create a need for you to be called into Active Duty. In support of Operations Iraqi Freedom, Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom, Army Reserve Soldiers have been activated and deployed throughout the United States and overseas.

If you are activated or deployed, Federal law protects your current civilian job. You can pick up where you left off, assuming you notify your employer of your activation, serve under honorable conditions and you report back to work in a timely manner upon completion of your military duty.

What is Deployment?
Deployment is when an Active Duty or Army Reserve unit is sent to a specific area of operations, usually on foreign soil–most recently in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. Yet a common misperception is that a deployed unit is automatically sent to a war zone. Oftentimes, units are deployed to non-combat regions, including Hawaii, Italy, Germany and South Korea. Or they are utilized for humanitarian efforts, such as helping civilians rebuild their lives after a natural disaster.

Once activated, Army Reserve Soldiers can only serve a maximum of two years Active Duty. As an activated or deployed Army Reserve Soldier, you receive the same pay as Soldiers of the same rank on Active Duty, and you may be entitled to additional types of pay and if you have any dependents, a Family Separation Allowance, are available to those who qualify. Federal law also protects the civilian jobs of deployed Army Reserve Soldiers serving their country.

The U.S. Army has taken a lead role in the fight against terrorism–a threat that affects each and every one of us. The global war on terror is part of an international, long-term action to secure peace for all nations. This mission relies on the great strength and commitment of American Soldiers. A Soldier's job comes with a certain level of risk. Because of this, safety is a major priority within the Army–during training, on the job and on a mission. Recent technological advances have also improved safety and preparedness. Some Soldiers are asked to serve in dangerous situations. However, Soldiers are always fully prepared before deployment. Every Soldier in every unit goes through extensive training exercises that closely resemble what they will experience in the field. Depending on the reason and the needs of the Army, deployment can last up to two years.

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