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Arts & Media 
Jobs in this category would include broadcast technicians, graphic designers, translators, journalists and musicians. These jobs include the administration, communication and supervision of Army affairs. This includes military and civilian audiences.

Jobs in this category include artillery specialists, infantry, special operations and tank crew. All combat MOSs are currently closed to women. These jobs involve Army reconnaissance, security, and other aspects of both offensive and defensive combat situations.

Computers & Technology 
Jobs in this category include Positions available in computers, communications, environmental health, intelligence, explosives and unmanned vehicle operations. These jobs involve technical and informational support for a variety of areas. Construction &

Consists of jobs in every aspect of construction, including electrical, carpentry, masonry and plumbing, as well as heavy equipment operation and supervising construction engineering.

Intelligence & Combat Support 
These jobs provide support for U.S. Army personnel involved directly in combat. They provide behind-the-scenes support and provide intelligence to Soldiers on the field. Jobs include food services, watercraft operators, intelligence analysts, translators, interpreters and topography specialists.

Legal & Law Enforcement 
Focuses on keeping the people and property of the Army safe. MOSs include firefighters, military police, criminal investigators, security and emergency specialists.

Jobs in this category involve keeping the Army's vehicles and machines in proper working order. Included in this category are a wide range of MOSs from heating and cooling mechanics to vehicle mechanics who service aircraft, wheeled and tracked vehicles, heavy equipment and watercraft.

Medical & Emergency
This category consists of jobs in the medical, dental and veterinary fields. These MOSs cover a variety of responsibilities throughout the military health care field, from clinical settings to point of injury.

Transportation & Aviation 
These jobs involve the coordination and supervision of personnel, equipment and procedures for proper transportation and use of Army materials throughout the world. Jobs include air traffic controllers, railway equipment repairers, parachute riggers and truck maintainers.

Administrative Support
This broad category includes support jobs dealing with Army personnel, administration, finance, legal, information and religious services. Roles and responsibilities include clerical to supervisory positions as well as Army human resources jobs. Jobs include administrative specialists (e.g. aviation operations, finance) and religious support.

For a list of Army jobs based on Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), click here.

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