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Milblogs all over the country are going silent until December 18, 2009.

Silent, that is, except for a post supporting CJ Grisham.

The Huntsville City Council and the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education both meet Thursday night (Dec 17). Each of these bodies has the power and duty to help make this right. The City needs to ensure that Police do not chill Freedom of Speech. Plus I expect the HPD to apologize to Master Sergeant Grisham for their actions during the PTA meeting and for their unacceptable response to his complaint. The Board of Education needs to apologize to Master Sergeant Grisham for trying to destroy his career. The Board also needs to investigate the Schools’ actions and take corrective actions.
Milblogs are going silent for a week, ending the 18th, to protest the Military's lack of support of their efforts. In fact, some folks inside the military are down right hostile towards military bloggers. These people have a right to share their thoughts and stories. While I agree that nothing should be posted that would compromise active operations or national security, they still should be allowed to blog.

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posted at 11:10:04 on 12/17/09 - Category: Army

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