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The biggest veterans budget in history is not big enough, warns the head of Veterans for Common Sense, a group that closely tracks health care issues for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Paul Sullivan, executive director of the group, said the $109 billion veterans budget for fiscal 2010 — approved Thursday by the House and Senate — “may fall short as much as 45 percent” in covering the Veterans Affairs Department’s added costs of treating veterans of the two ongoing wars.
Funding may fall as far short as much as 45% short? That's just crazy. How can we not be providing enough for our Vets? Some of this may be the VA angling to get more funds, but the article makes a solid argument. We have got to do our best to take care of our vets. They sacrifice for our freedom, it's the least we can do.

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posted at 15:08:48 on 12/10/09 - Category: Army

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Paul Sullivan wrote:

The 45% shortage is specific for the funding for healthcare for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. VA estimated 419,000 patients by Sep. 30, 2010. However, VA had ALREADY treated 480,000 patients as of Jun. 30, 2009. At the current rate of 9,000 patients per month, VA should have estimated that is would care for more than 600,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.
Posted on 12/11/09 14:34:32

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