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German Army
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Active Duty Troops : 285,000

Reserve Troops: 7,750

Army (Heer), Navy (Deutsche Marine; including Naval Air arm), Air Force (Luftwaffe), Joint Support Service, Central Medical Service

Military Budget: 35.063 billion (2003)

Upon its accession to the United Nations in 1973, Germany undertook to fully observe the rights and duties associated with membership and has since campaigned for the position of the world organisation to be strengthened. Germany was unified in 1990. The primary goal of Germany's security policy is to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens. Official German Army Web Site

The German Army's mission is:

  • To ensur the future and security of Germany

  • To protect German citizens

  • To conduct peacekeeping missions

  • Combat international terrorism

The requirements to enlist in the German Army are:
  • Be 18 years of age (conscripts serve a nine-month tour of compulsory military service) (2004 est.) TheThe changed security situation made it possible to shorten basic military service. As of 1 January 2002 the duration of basic military service has been cut from 10 to 9 months. The option of volunteering to stay on for as long as 23 months is still available.

The German Military supports International security by :


At present Germany is participating in several international missions. The Bundeswehr's task in the context of these operations is to observe critical processes in unstable regions, to conduct peacekeeping missions and to interdict the movements of terrorist groups and equipment, thus helping to combat international terrorism.

The numbers of soldiers assigned to the individual missions are as follows:

  • ISAF (International Security Assistance Force), Afghanistan, Uzbekistan: ca. 2.250 (incl. 65 female personnel)
  • KFOR (Kosovo Force): ca. 4,000 (incl. 104 female personnel),
  • SFOR (Stabilization Force), Bosnia and Herzegovina: ca. 1.150(incl. 63 female personnel)
  • UNOMIG (United Nations Mission in Georgia): 12
  • Enduring Freedom (Anti-Terror Mission, Horn of Africa): ca. 300 (incl. 8 female personnel)
  • UNMEE(United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea): 2





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