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Dragon Hill Lodge

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Dragon Hill Lodge is operated as an Armed Forces Recreation Center by the U.S. Army in support of personnel assigned or employed by the U.S. Forces Korea, their family members, and guests. The facility was built with soldier-dollars, without congressional funding support. Profits generated from operations are returned to you the stockholder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Location of Dragon Hill Lodge

We are located on Yongsan South Post in Seoul, South Korea, just north of the Han River.

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  • Dragon Hill Lodge mailing address

    Dragon Hill Lodge
    BLDG. 4050 South Post
    Seoul, Korea 140-012
    Dragon Hill Lodge
    Unit 15335
    APO AP 96205-5335

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  • Incheon Airport Shuttle Bus Schedule and Transportation Information

    For security reasons, we can't publish this information on our website. You can get this information from our Guest Service Desk (Mil.738-2222 Ext 6286) or by email:

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  • Gate entrance/access to US military installations in Korea

    All visiting personnel active duty and retired, DoD civilians can gain access to the installations by showing their DoD identification cards.

    If the visiting personnel active duty and retired, DoD civilians want to invite/escort non-DoD personnel onto a US military installation in Korea, it is a requirement to be registered in the US military installations’ Biometrics Identification Detection System, referred to as BIDS Installation Access System. FYI, for Yongsan Army Installation, non-DOD personnel are permitted to remain on post up to 24 hours. Once the visiting personnel active duty and retired, DoD civilians are registered in BIDS they can sign on non-DOD personnel. They must meet the non-DOD personnel at the installation gate and the guest must return to the registered gate prior to the 24-hour time frame. At that time, the guest will have to be registered "off the installation" and can be re-registered "on the installation" for an additional 24 hours. This procedure must be done each day during your stay in the hotel.

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  • What is BIDS?

    Biometrics Identification Detection System, referred to as BIDS Installation Access System. DoD personnel must register “in person” at the BIDS offices. The procedure is to input the DoD sponsor's data and record the thumbprint into the BIDS electronic system.

    BIDS registration is located:

    *1st Replacement Center (BLDG. 4034) ID Card Issue point , across the hotel 's parking lot. The office is open Monday - Friday from 0900 - 1600.

    *Pass & ID, Provost Marshal’s Office (BLDG. 1230), at Camp Kim near Yongsan Army Installation. The office is open Monday - Friday from 0830 - 1600, except for Thursdays 1200-1600.

    If you cannot arrive during the BIDS office hours & you wish to invite/escort in a non-DOD individual: When you arrive at the US installation gate, you must advise the MP Desk Sergeant of your late arrival and they can implement a DOD Sponsor Escort Exception to Policy. (Please note that this process requires the MP Desk Sergeant to contact the installation commander/"on call" representative directly for the Exception to Policy.)
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  • Mandatory Ration Control Plates

    If you are not Active Duty, the US military Post Exchange or the Commissary requires a Ration Control Plate. Access is restricted!

    1. ALL Active Military members DO NOT need a RCP to use AAFES stores.

    2. TDY, PCS personnel and Contactors can use their DOD ID cards and Orders at the AAFES stores instead of a RCP.

    3. TDY, PCS personnel, Contractors and visiting guests (WITH SPONSOR) can go to South Post Building 4305 RM# 105 (behind the 1RC building) to get temporary RCP (14 days max). They need to bring their Orders or 7019 form.
    The office is open M,T,W,F 0900-1600 and Thur 1200-1600
    DSN 738-4612

    4. If they are staying longer than 14 days, they will be issued permanent RCP.

    (For 3 & 4: This is an option for the guest as they can still access the AAFES stores by showing their Orders along with their CAC card.)

    5. Visiting dependants who did not come with their sponsors CANNOT use AAFES stores nor can the get temporary RCP.
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  • Receipt for stay

    Please email:

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  • Billing Disputes

    Please email:

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  • Per Diem Rates


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  • Wait List for Reservations

    We don't have a waiting list for the future reservations except PCS status of travel. We also have a waiting list for in-house guests requesting a family suite or guests with smoking preference.

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  • Statement of Non-availability

    Click here to view PDF document.

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  • TLA Procedure

    Click here to view PDF document.

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  • Problem getting or changing a Reservation?

    There are a few reasons why you may be having trouble…

    1. A room may not be available for one or more of the days you requested.
    2. Our server is down.
    3. The information you submitted was inaccurate or incomplete.
    If you are still experiencing difficulty with our online reservation system, please email your reservation request to
    Or call DSN 738-2222, COMM 011-82-2-7918-2222 to speak to one of our Reservation Agents.
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  • Other Billeting on Post

    Walker Center: Free, Call for availability DSN 736-1048
    Sports Billeting: $40.00 DSN 724-8830
    Religious Center: $20.00 (Leave/Pass), $30.00(TDY) DSN 723-7314
    US Embassy Association Suites: $90.00 DSN 738-6124 COMM 397-4487

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  • What special events are on the calendar for Dragon Hill Lodge?

    Click here to see our current Events Promotional Calendar.

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  • Comments/Suggestions

    Sara Jackson , Guest Relations Coordinator

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  • Employment Information

    Personnel office is located in the administrative offices just inside the main entrance to the hotel, on the left.
    Link to DHL Personnel web page.

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  • Pets

    PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN GUEST ROOMS. However, personnel arriving as guests of the hotel are authorized to keep their pets in the loading dock area until 1000 hrs the following morning. Please note: you are responsible for the care of your pet: feeding/ cleaning/ walking. The Pet Care Center is where pets will be kept during your stay at DHL, for a fee. All personnel PCS-ing in or out should request support from their unit commander on this issue. Appointments should be made with the Pet Care Center (Yongsan South Post Bldg. 5256, DSN 736-6426, COMM 011-82-2-7916-6426)

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  • Lost and Found

    If you believe you lost something while you were visiting our facility, you may contact our Security Desk ext. 6900.

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  • Telephone Dialing Assistance

    To place a call from the US to a military phone in Seoul,
    Dial 1-011-82-2-791X-XXXX
    To place a call from the US to a Commercial (non-military) phone in Seoul,
    Dial 1-011-82-2-XXX-XXXX
    To place a call from anywhere off-post to a DSN,
    Dial 0505-XXX-XXXX

    Off-Post Operator Assistance… 114
    To reach an operator from any military installation:
    Operator Assistance… 0
    Directory Assistance…113
    US Army Installations…113
    US Air Force Installations…411
    To reach an operator when calling from off-post… 0505-723-1110
    To reach an operator when calling from the US…011-82-2-7913-1110

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  • Rental Car


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  • Korea's Weather

    607th Weather Squadron

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  • Religious Services in Area II

    Click here to view PDF document.

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  • Helpful Links

    USFK website

    8th PersCom Website

    AFN Korea

    American Forces Spouses' Club -Korea

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  • Korean Train & Bus Travel Schedules

    For Bus Travel between Yongsan and other areas of Korea, use the Gangnam Express terminal. Buses depart every 20-30 minutes to Dong Daegu or Busan. Link:

    For Train Travel between Yongsan and other areas of Korea, use the Seoul Station. There are trains every 20-30 minutes to/from Dong Daegu or Busan. For train schedule information, please see the web site. Link:

    KTX Link:

    Korea Tourism Organization has a travel information English hotline phone and can help you to make travel plans. From commercial phones dial: 1330 (When calling from a handphone dial 02-1330)

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  • Movie Schedule for Yongsan South Post


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  • Area II Online Information


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  • Reservation Cancellation Policy

    If you find it necessary to cancel or change plans, You must call us by 1800hrs local time on your arrive Date to avoid one night room charge on your credit card. It is your responsibility to obtain and keep a cancellation number upon canceling each Room reservation. Without the cancellation number, you have no other method to prove you, in fact, cancelled the reservation you made before. Note: for Lotte World & Seoul Land Family packages and Romantic Getaway Package, please change or cancel your reservation 48 hours in advance.

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