Armed Forces Vacation Club

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The Armed Forces Vacation Club (AFVC) is a "Space Available" program that offers Department of Defense affiliated personnel the opportunity to take affordable condominium vacations at resorts around the world for only $249 per unit per week. The AFVC makes this possible by utilizing "excess" inventory at condominium timeshare resorts. "Excess" inventory consists of condominium units that resort owners do not use, which generally means off-season or short-notice travel. If you enjoy off-season activities in popular locations without the hassle of high-season prices, crowds and lines or if you can travel on 10 days notice or less, the AFVC offers an incredible vacation value.

To determine the appeal and demand for off-season vacation travel, the AFVC began as a limited test in the Military District - Washington area - in January 1999. Eligibility was restricted to military ID card holders, only a handful of installations participated and there were just a few resorts available, all within driving distance. The program proved so popular, that it was rolled out to all CONUS on 1 August 1999 and introduced to Europe on 1 November 1999. On 1 January 2000, the AFVC went global and extended eligibility to anyone (over the age of 21) affiliated with the DoD; all seven Uniformed Services, active duty or retired (medical or regular), reserves, and National Guard (see Policies and Procedures for full eligibility details).

Our 7-night condominium vacations are extremely popular. The majority of availability is generally in the US, Mexico, South America, and Europe. Availability varies, but frequently covers two dozen or more countries. Condominium units typically include a full kitchen, stocked with everything from a refrigerator and stove to coffee pot and soap for the dishwasher. Many include washers and dryers. Most resorts provide amenities you aren't likely to get with a hotel room. Guests have access to on-site recreational facilities, swimming pools, fitness centers, game rooms, gift shops, restaurants and organized activities. Golf and skiing are available on-site at some resorts or nearby. Add area attractions and you have an exceptional vacation for far less than you would normally expect to pay.

While condominium units are at timeshare resorts, there is NO requirement to attend a timeshare presentation. Some resorts are already sold-out and do not have active sales centers on-site. If the resort is still in sales, at some time during your stay, you will probably be given an opportunity to attend a presentation in exchange for a premium or gift (free dinner, theater/show tickets, amusement/theme park tickets, etc.). DON'T PANIC. Everyone at these resorts, even owners, are given this same opportunity. If you like the incentive gift and want to attend the presentation, you are welcome to do so. Do not feel that you have to; you are under no obligation; just say, "No, thanks."

The current 7-day, Space-A, condo rental offer is a great value, but you may like other vacation choices and support as well. What if you can't travel off-season or on short notice? To help meet this need, we also offer a separate travel club that provides 24 hour service for discounted airline, rental cars, and hotel reservation services, as well as discounted cruise and tour packages. Imagine booking airline tickets, rental car, and hotel reservations and getting a 5% cash rebate after you get back from your trip. Would you like to take a discounted cruise and get a 5% cash rebate when you return home? Check out the Club Opportunities section for full details on this and other exciting opportunities available to you.

In addition, rental units at high demand areas during peak-season are available at specially negotiated rates. Click here for more details.