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What DA PAM covers maintenance?
DA PAM 750-8

What DA PAM is the Guide for Motor Pool Operations?
DA PAM 750-35

What Army Regulation covers the Army Material Maintenance Policy and Retail Management?
AR 750-1

What are the 4 levels of Maintenance?
1. Unit
3. Direct support
4. General support
5. Depot

What does PMCS stand for?
Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services

When is a PMCS required to be performed?

Before, during and after the operation of a piece of equipment and also at weekly and monthly intervals

What is a TM?
A Technical Manual, outlines the specific scope of repairs on equipment

What is a DD Form 314?
Preventative Maintenance Schedule Record

What series of manuals refer to organizational maintenance?
The 20 series

What forms are contained in the equipment record folder when the vehicle is dispatched?
• DA Form 2404- Equipment inspection and maintenance worksheet

• SF 91- Operator's report of motor vehicle accident
• DD Form 518- Accident ID card
• DD Form 1970- Vehicle utilization record
• SF 96- Vehicle accident report form

Who is required to perform a PMCS?
Every operator who is assigned a piece of equipment

What does TAMMS stand for?
The Army Maintenance Management System

What forms are filled out at the time of dispatch?
• DD Form 1970- Vehicle utilization record
• DA Form 2401- Organizational control record for equipment

What DA Form do you use to order parts?
DA Form 2765

What is the DA Form 2407 used for?
To request support maintenance on a piece of equipment

What type of manual is used to perform operator level PMCS?
The operator’s manual (10 series)

Before a vehicle can be dispatched, what safety equipment must be present?
Fire extinguishers (up to date inspection tags), complete first aid kit and highway warning kit

What status symbol faults cannot be entered onto DA Form 2408-14 (Uncorrected Fault Record)?
Any X faults

What is a class 1 leak?
Seepage of fluid not great enough to form drops

What does PLL mean?
Prescribed Load List

What is a class 2 leak?
Seepage of fluid great enough to form drops, but not great enough to cause the drops to fall during inspection

What does NOR mean?
Not Operationally Ready

What is a class 3 leak?
Seepage of fluid great enough to form drops and drip during inspection

How many days does a basic PLL load sustain a unit in combat?
15 days

What does the Acronym MAIT stand for?
Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team

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