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On post, where is building number 1 located?
At the base of the flag pole

Name the types of military flags
• Colors, standards
• Distinguished flags
• Ensigns
• Guidons
• Pennants

How is the flag flown on Memorial Day?
At half-mast till noon, then from noon until retreat sounds, it is at full staff

When the flag is flown at night, what must be done?
It must be illuminated

What date was the Army flag dedicated?
14 June 1956 (it was approved 12 June 1956)

When a President or Past President dies, how long is the flag flown at half-mast?
30 days

How is the flag draped over the casket?
So the stars are over the left shoulder

How many stripes does the American flag have?
13 stripes (7 red and 6 white)

What is the difference between the National Colors and the National Flag?
The National Colors is trimmed on 3 sides with golden yellow fringe

What do the colors on the flag represent?
• Red-Hardiness and Valor
• White-Purity and Innocence
• Blue- Vigilance, Preservation and Justice

When Military personnel die, the flag is presented to the beneficiary, who provides the flag?
The postmaster general

When the national flag is worn out, how is it disposed of?
The section of the flag with the stars is cut from the flag and then both pieces are burned together

What are the 2 ways that the flag can be displayed?
1. Flat
2. Hanging free

Who is traditionally responsible for the safeguarding, care and display of the unit's colors?
The Command Sergeant Major

How is the American flag raised to the half-staff position?
It is first raised all the way to the top of the staff for an instant, then lowered to half staff

If a flag is in the half-staff position, how is it lowered?
It is first raised to the top of the staff for a brief moment, and then it is lowered.

What is a pennant?
A triangular flag used for various military purposes

When folded, what is the shape of the American flag?
The shape like that of a cocked hat

What does the Hoist and Fly of a flag mean?
The Hoist is the width of a flag (vertical edge measured from top to bottom); the Fly is the length of the flag (horizontal edge, measured from left to right)

What Army Regulations govern the raising and the lowering of the Flag?
AR 600-25 and
AR 840-10

What are the two bugle calls played at Retreat?

"Retreat" and "To The Color"

What does Retreat mean?
Retiring the colors from the day's activities

What are some places that the flag is flown 24 hours a day by specific legal authority as of January 1966?
• US Capitol in Washington, DC
• Fort McHenry National Monument, Flag House Square in Baltimore, MD
• Francis Scott Keys Grave
• The World War Memorial in Worcester, Massachusetts

Are the colors ever dipped as a salute or compliment?
Never on land, only at sea when 2 friendly ships of war meet

Name the 3 types of flags normally flown and their sizes
1. Storm- 5ft x 9 and 1/2 ft
2. Post- 8ft 11 3/8 inches x 17 ft
3. Garrison- 20 ft x 38 ft

What are the 5 basic US flags used by the Army?
1. Garrison
2. Post
3. Field
4. Storm
5. Interment

When a new state enters the Union, when is the star added to the flag?
The following 4th of July

How long is reveille played?
20 seconds

How many National colors can be present during a review, parade, or honor guard ceremony?

What is the height of a flagpole?
50, 60, 75 ft

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