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New Procedures for Soldiers to Request Tuition Assistance Effective April 1 2006

1. The purpose of this message is to announce a new Army Human Resources Command (AHRC) Army Continuing Education System (ACES) process for automating tuition assistance (TA) through a new education website. Starting 1 Apr 06, Army TA will only be available through the education website, Education centers will no longer issue TA for college courses that begin 1 May and beyond. This MILPER message expires NLT 1 Apr 08.

2. Soldiers on active duty, including enlisted Soldiers of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve on active duty pursuant to Title 10 or Title 32 are eligible to request TA online for courses that begin 1 May 06 and beyond.

3. The GoArmyEd website will provide one location for academic institutions to process credit-bearing enrollments, submit Soldier grades, verify and prepare invoices for payment, and access centralized support for troubleshooting, and information about Army TA processes and policies.

Online Degrees for Military Advancement

4. The following GoArmyEd procedures are effective immediately:

     A. All Soldiers should visit the website ( periodically for the latest updates so that they may address any questions they have with their local Education Center. Currently, the homepage appears as eArmyU. Effective 1 Apr 06, the name will change to GoArmyEd. At that time, eArmyU will reside as an online education option in the GoArmyEd website.

     B. Soldiers who previously enrolled in the eArmyU program and have maintained the minimum standard Army TA grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 will automatically have access to GoArmyEd.

     C. Soldiers who have received tuition assistance (TA) with a passing grade since 1 Oct 04 will receive an invitation in their Army Knowledge Online (AKO) email account beginning Mar 06 to obtain a login/password for the GoArmyEd website.

     D. In order for Soldiers to obtain TA for classes starting 1 May 06 and beyond, they must be registered on the GoArmyEd website; therefore, they should register for a login/password as soon as possible.

     E. After 1 Apr 06, Soldiers who are not in eArmyU, or who did not receive an invitation through their AKO email, must request a GoArmyEd login by choosing the "New Users" tab in the public view of before requesting TA. The "New Users" tab will guide Soldiers through the processes necessary to obtain a login and establish a GoArmyEd account.

     F. Obtaining a login/password does not obligate the Soldier to take eArmyU or any other college courses.

     G. During the period 1 Oct 05 through 30 Apr 06, installation Education Centers will continue to issue TA for courses that begin prior to 1 May 06 and post grades as usual. Since 1 Oct 05, Education Centers no longer process TA invoices for schools.

5. The following GoArmyEd procedures are effective 1 Apr 06:

     A. Soldiers will identify their chosen degree/certificate program and request TA online through

     B. The record of courses previously taken and the Soldier's degree plan will be accessible to the Soldier online.

     C. TA eligibility checks will be automated. If TA is approved, a request for enrollment will be passed electronically to the school.

     D. If the TA request is disapproved, the Soldier will be notified of necessary corrective action(s). Education Center personnel will be available to assist with resolving TA issues.

     E. The Soldier will annually obtain a Commander's signature on a TA Statement of Understanding (SOU). Sergeants First Class (SFC) and above may sign for themselves in place of the Commander. Each term the Soldier will recertify the TA SOU online.

     F. If a Soldier needs to withdraw from class, the withdrawal must be done online through The withdrawal will be forwarded to the school.

     G. If the Soldier withdraws for personal reasons, TA repayment procedures will be initiated by GoArmyEd. Personal withdrawal reasons require the Soldier to repay the TA. Repayment will take place through an automated feed between GoArmyEd and Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

     H. If the Soldier withdraws for military reasons, Unit Commander information will be required with the military reason for withdrawal. The request is subject to verification. If the military reason is approved, TA repayment will be waived. Soldiers are reminded that fraudulent requests for military reasons are subject to disciplinary action or criminal charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). All information and transactions occur online through GoArmyEd.

     I. All schools which have processed TA in the past with the Army will be listed in GoArmyEd. Soldiers who choose to attend a school with courses listed in GoArmyEd will receive up front TA. Soldiers choosing to attend a school that does not have any courses available in GoArmyEd will request TA prior to the start of class and self-pay tuition directly to the school. Authorized TA reimbursement will be paid through DFAS directly to the Soldier's bank account after receipt of successful grade. A listing of GoArmyEd schools that provide upfront TA are listed on the GoArmyEd website under the "Earn A Degree" link. Click on "Schools and Programs".

Visit the Online Degree Center

6. The primary advantages of GoArmyEd for the Soldier are equitable, virtual access to TA on a 24/7 basis (with no need to visit an education counselor) and interactive degree maps focused on degree completion. The advantages to schools are efficiencies in processing TA invoices and improved timeliness in receiving TA invoice payments. The anticipated advantage for the Army is improved management of TA dollars.

7. Point of contact for this message is Kelley Mustion/Ruth Foster, DSN 221-9800,

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