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What was reveille first used for?
To let the sentry know to start challenging

Define Military Courtesy
The respect soldiers show to each other

What is the meaning of a salute to the Flag of the U.S.A.?
A declaration of loyalty to the U.S. and to the principles of liberty and justice

What is the meaning of a hand salute?
It is a greeting exchanged between military personnel

What bugle call signals the beginning of a formal review?
Adjutant's call

What is the purpose of displaying courtesy to a senior?
Recognition of the position he or she holds

Can you salute as a prisoner?
No, you have lost the right to salute

When do you salute inside a building?
• When reporting to your commander
• When reporting to a pay officer
• When reporting to a military board
• At an indoor ceremony
• At sentry duty indoors

What are some examples of when you are not required to salute?
• When working on a work detail
• When actively engaged in athletics
• On guard duty when a challenge is required
• When imprisoned

What is the origin of the Salute?
In early roman history, persons meeting would raise their hands in the air, palm forward to show that they held no weapons and were friendly. This has evolved into the present day salute.

Enlisted members generally do not exchange salutes, what are some examples of when they would exchange salutes?
• When rendering reports in formation
• When reporting to an enlisted president of a board

Who enters a vehicle first?
The junior enters first.... the senior leaves first

What is Reveille?
A ceremony in which the unit honors the U.S. flag when it is raised in the morning

What is considered the most important of all military courtesies?
The hand salute

What Army regulation covers Salutes, honors and visits of courtesy?
AR 600-25

When an Ex President of the U.S. arrives and leaves an army installation, how many gun salute does he get?
21 gun salute, both times

Where do you walk when walking with someone that is senior to you?
On the senior person's left

When meeting an officer in the open, how far away should you be before rendering the hand salute?
Approximately 6 paces when our paths will bring you close by, or within speaking distance when making eye contact.

Is an officer required to return the salute of an enlisted member?

When would you salute while in formation?
Only on the command "present arms"

What is the longest bugle call?
Tattoo- 28 bars long

What should you do if the National Anthem of a foreign country is played?
Outdoors- render the hand salute, Indoors- stand at attention

If you are standing outdoors in uniform and you hear "Retreat" being played, what should you do?
Face toward the flag or music, and come to attention, on the first note of "to the color", render the hand salute

If indoors when the national anthem is played, what should you do?
Face the flag or music and stand at attention, persons under arms should salute

Who exits a military vehicle first?
The senior person, then in descending order

Who salutes in a group of soldiers not in formation?
The first person to see the officer should call the group to attention and everyone should salute

What is the only time that you do not remove your headgear when reporting to an officer indoors?
When under arms

When are you considered to be under arms?
When you are carrying a weapon in your hand, by sling or by holster

How long is the call "to the colors"
40 seconds

How are military flags classified?
• Colors
• Standards
• Distinguished flags
• Ensigns
• Guidons
• Pennants

What are the recommended components of a burial escort for an enlisted person?
• Firing party
• Pallbearers
• Bugler

How long is Reveille?
20 seconds

Is the recipient of the Medal of Honor (enlisted or commissioned) entitled to a salute?

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