Field Report # 339 Dec 01, 2009

Prepare Your Finances for Deployment
Military families know that deployments are a fact of life. But many families aren't financially prepared to handle the sudden absence of one or even both spouses.

HooahMail Delivers to Soldiers
The Army's HooahMail program makes it possible for friends and family members to put a paper letter and photograph into the hands of their loved ones in Afghanistan, in some cases, on the same day it's sent.

More NATO Troops for Afghanistan
Should President Barack Obama's anticipated Afghanistan strategy announcement call for more U.S. troops, Defense Department and White House officials would expect a greater contribution from their NATO allies, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said today.

Army Training Network One-Stop for Answers
The Army Training Network continues to grow and change since it went online in April with the mission of becoming the one-stop shop and information source for Army training.

Respite Child Care Expands to All 50 States
It's a few hours a month, but the break the Armed Services YMCA Respite Child Care program provides parents with a deployed spouse always is welcome. And since the program's Oct. 1 nationwide expansion, many more parents will benefit.

Network Challenge Competition
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will take the Internet technology it helped create 40 years ago a step farther this weekend with a contest aimed at bringing people together to solve tough problems.

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