Field Report # 336 Oct 15, 2009

Services Show Record Recruiting Year
The military services' active and reserve components notched record recruiting numbers and signed up the highest-quality recruits ever in fiscal 2009, senior defense officials said today.

MREs No Longer 'Mystery Meat'
DoD's Combat Feeding Directorate set up an elaborate display with interactive activities on the floor of the AUSA Annual Meeting and Symposium, including a place for Soldiers to taste-test new ration items.

Are You Ready for Basic Training?
Do you think you're ready for your Drill Sergeants? Have you been preparing properly?

Life Insurance That Fits Military Needs
Service members who sign up for our Military Protection Plus plan receive our level term policy, which automatically includes these benefits at no additional cost.

AKO 'Go Mobile' Virtual Desktop
By January, Soldiers on the go will be able to do just about anything they do now on their desktop computer if they're issued portable equipment attached to a cell phone.

Army Answering Flood of GI Bill Questions
A new GI Bill Web page has launched by the Army's G-1...

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