Field Report # 335 Oct 01, 2009

Tattoos and the Army
While styles and themes vary greatly depending on the tastes of each individual, there are definite trends among Army tattoo enthusiasts, with a large number of tattooed Soldiers sporting Americana- and military-themed ink.

Financial Checklist for Deployment
Waiting until you get orders to deploy may be too late to start building a solid financial plan, so start preparing today. If you need help, refer to the following checklist.

I Want My Mommy!
Being isolated from your kids, spouse, parents, etc. for an extended period of time can be as stressful as not being prepared to face drill sergeants. No one ever said joining the military would be easy.

Homeowners Assistance Program Details
Defense Department officials today announced the details for distributing $555 million available under the Homeowners Assistance Program.

Checks to Students Awaiting Benefits
Checks for up to $3,000 soon will be available to students who have applied for Veterans Affairs educational benefits and who have not yet received their government payment.

One-time Enemies Become Brothers
The moon was full the night of Jan. 17, 1991, and Air Force Capt. Bill Iuliano, an F-111 bomber weapon systems officer, was in the air. It was the second night of Operation Desert Storm, a U.S.-led combat operation in opposition to Saddam Hussein’s forces.

Stars Lead Effort to Benefit Military Medicine
Grammy Award-winning country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are teaming up with civilian and military medical experts to further medical innovations and quality-of-life research for America's battle-wounded, ill and injured warriors.

  • U.S. Speeds Withdrawl From Iraq
  • GI Bill Delays, Still
  • Gates Urges No Timeline For Leaving Afghanistan
  • Troop Increase In Afghanistan Necessary
  • Obama Says Afghanistan Focus Must Be on al-Qaeda

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  • Deployment: Can They Take A PC?
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