Field Report #332 August 15, 2009

Army Soldier Show Begins 2nd Half of Tour
The Army Soldier Show, on the road since the April 24 performance at its Fort Belvoir, Va., home garrison, "just completed their first show of literally, the second half of their tour in downtown San Antonio, Texas, just off base from what will become its new home garrison at Fort Sam Houston...

Going to School Online While Serving
For those who want to earn a college degree, but feel like they just don't have enough time to go to college, or for those who may be stationed far from their chosen school, an online education might be the perfect avenue for getting that college diploma.

Re-Launch Laptops For Flat Tops
A leading e-commerce provider of consumer electronics and satellite services, today announces the company's third contest, which will award one laptop with an embedded Webcam (for the family) and an additional Webcam (for the soldier) to two families who have an immediate family member serving in any branch of the U.S. military overseas.

I Want My Mommy!
Don't worry, homesicknesses is common at military basic training. No one ever said joining the military would be easy.

Summer Recruiting Remains Strong
July was a boom month for military recruiting, with more than 15,000 young men and women entering the active-duty force, defense officials reported today.

'GI Joe' Now in Combat Theater
One of the Soldiers in the opening scene of "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra," wasn't able to see the film's debut this week.

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