Field Report #328 June 15, 2009

The Top 5 Secret Tips for Basic Training
Many recruits arenít aware that they can learn secret tips before arriving at basic training to make boot camp much more enjoyable. I bring you the top 5 secret tips you should know before you arrive at boot camp.

Six Things to Consider Before Choosing an MOS
Of all the things that have to be considered prior to joining the Army (or any branch of service, for that matter), the most important is qualifying for, and choosing, a good job.

Colbert Entertains Troops in Iraq
It is official - Stephen Colbert came, saw and conquered Iraq, claiming victory on day three of his six-day adventure to the Middle East.

After six years of war, our troops need you.

I.A.M. Strong Concert Tour
The 2009 Army Concert Tour, which includes artists Sugarland, Tim McGraw and Lynyrd Skynyrd, is sponsored by I.A.M. Strong, the Army's campaign to combat sexual harassment and sexual assaults by engaging all Soldiers to prevent inappropriate behavior before it occurs.

Schools Help Veterans Pay for Education
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today that it has entered into more than 700 agreements with institutions of higher learning across the nation to participate in the Post-9/11 GI Billís "Yellow Ribbon Program."

Foreclosure Protection for Military
President Barack Obamaís latest efforts to look after home renters gives military members additional protection if the homes they rent are foreclosed.

Families Drive Budget Request
The nationís top military officer told Congress yesterday the fiscal 2010 defense budget request puts money where itís needed: to recruit and retain the quality troops and their families who form the foundation of the all-volunteer force.

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  • What Can You Guarantee In Your Contract And How?
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