Field Report #326 May 15, 2009

Educational Assistance for Military Spouses
Military spouses in the Baden-Württemberg communities, and across the Army, who are interested in furthering their education, now have a new option to receive up to $6,000 in financial assistance.

The 2009 Army Concert Tour is coming to an installation near you - don't miss it!

Despite an $800 million cut in funding for military recruiting and retention in the proposed fiscal 2010 defense budget, a senior Defense Department official expressed confidence in the department’s ability to continue to attract and retain quality troops.

Personal Loans For Retired Military

Army Budget Considers Soldiers, Families
The budget also includes provisions that will affect the wallets of Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians -- a pay increase of 2.9 percent for Soldiers and 2 percent for civilians, said Lt. Gen. Edgar E. Stanton III, military deputy for budget.

Avoid Getting Yelled at by Drill Sergeants
Let’s face it, basic training is tough. For the first time you will have to wait for permission to eat or even go to the bathroom. Wouldn’t it make life easier if you knew some tips on avoiding special attention from those mean Drill Sergeants?

The U.S. Army Soldier Show's theme this year is "Lights, Camera, Action!"

USAA Releases 1st iPhone App
USAA Releases 1st iPhone App to Feature Banking, Insurance, and Investment Tools.

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