Field Report #323 April 1, 2009

College is expensive, but if you are a veteran of active duty military service, then help is on the way.

Army 'Takes Care of its Own'
A widow looking for help did not know where to turn. Her husband, a retired Army veteran, had just passed away. While she wanted more than anything to provide him the dignified burial he surely deserved; she was strapped financially.

Thrift Savings Plan Provides Retirement
About 614,000 servicemembers are saving for retirement in the federal Thrift Savings Program, which was opened to military members in 2002, a senior Pentagon official said here today.

TurboTax is Easy, Free Edition, Fast Refund

Defense Department officials today announced 3,000 projects that the economic stimulus legislation signed last month will fund.

Brothers at War: Coming Soon to Theater
Producing the film "Brothers at War," has been a personal crusade for Jake Rademacher.

As one spouse tried to navigate the other across a room and through a minefield of foam toys, the games had begun at the Army’s “Strong Bonds” marriage retreat near Baltimore.

Sesame Street Helps Military Kids
Sesame Workshop continues to find unique and creative ways to reach out to the very youngest in military families, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III said here today during a sneak preview of a new primetime Sesame program.

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