Field Report #321 March 1, 2009

President's Pay Raise for Troops
President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2010 budget proposal includes a 2.9 percent pay increase for U.S. servicemembers.

The Most Feared Event at Basic Training
The gas chamber is probably the most mentally challenging exercise you will have to overcome at basic training.

Military Jargon to Civilian Language
Figuring out how to translate your military skills to a civilian job is perhaps the biggest obstacle for people looking for a job who are leaving the Armed Forces.

Time at home is Precious. Spend less doing you finances with Excel 2007.

The "Post-9/11 Veteran's Education Assistance Act Of 2008," sometimes called the "Post-9/11 G.I. Bill," paves the way for thousands of qualified Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and military veterans to get a complete four-year degree at no cost to themselves.

If financial hardships have Army families singing the blues, maybe some advice from certified financial planner June Walbert might change their tune.

Young military children who thought the first day of school was imminent may not have to worry about reading, writing and arithmetic until next year because of a change in entrance age requirements.

Documentary Depicts Commitment
On location in the Middle of Nowhere, Iraq, filmmaker Jake Rademacher focuses his lens on a unit of young reconnaissance troops with whom he’s embedded.

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