Field Report #309 September 1, 2008

The economic downturn that has hit many Americans appears to have had less impact on U.S. servicemembers, partly because of the nature of military service and partly due to the vast network of programs and services available to help them, defense officials said.

Out with the old, in with the blue. The Army has made it official, the green service uniform, which has defined the service since the mid-1950s, is on the outs. The message defines the wear policy and the "bridging" strategy for transition to the new uniform.

Soldier Uses Opportunities
Army Spc. Noe Barrientos, from Corpus Christi, Texas, is a permanent resident who aspires to become a U.S. citizen by the end of the year, but he did not join the National Guard to become a naturalized citizen. Like many high school graduates, he initially enlisted, in part, for the college benefits available. Hot Items

Terrorists with Suicide Vests Killed
Coalition forces killed three terrorists - two of whom were wearing suicide vests - and detained six suspects, including an alleged al-Qaida in Iraq leader, during operations in Iraq’s Diyala province.

After being medically retired from the Army last year as a result of mental wounds he suffered in Iraq, Michael Bradley faced a daunting challenge that would later prove pivotal in his recovery: holding down a job in the civilian world.

The Tricare military health system’s 9.2 million beneficiaries now have an easy way to receive the latest newsletters and stay informed about changes in coverage, pharmacy updates and other news.

Elmo and Friends Educate Families
Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind the program “Sesame Street,” and the United Service Organizations joined forces to bring “The Sesame Street Experience for Military Families” to 43 installations across the country.

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