Field Report #308 August 15, 2008

Troops Offered Work Experience
A California group is offering active-duty servicemembers the chance to secure a key component to finding a job before they reenter civilian life: experience.

‘D-Lister’ Proves Laughter is Best Medicine
As summer ends, so goes the summer TV season, which means many favorite shows will go into hibernation for the winter.

Servicemembers traveling for official business, including deployments, will continue to receive full reimbursement for reasonable, authorized excess baggage fees, defense officials said.

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Soldiers Unite With Families
As deployments have remained consistent for soldiers and family members, separation has been commonplace. To aid in strengthening the separated families’ relationships, the Reading program promotes the “read aloud” experience for separated families.

A panel looking at military compensation has recommended dramatic changes in the military retirement system.

Many of the expectant mothers helped by the two groups -- North Star Group and Operation Showers of Appreciation -- have spouses who are deployed and will not be home for the birth of their new babies.

Soldier Seeks, Finds Excitement in Army
When Pfc. Tommy Smith enlisted in the Army in 2006, he joined the infantry looking for excitement and adventure.

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  • Soldier Wins Gold! Sets Olympic Record!
  • Deserter Deported From Canada
  • Saudis Not Liable for 9/11?
  • Father Follows Daughter Into National Guard

  • Peace bid as Ossetia crisis rages
  • Georgia pounds Russian-backed rebels
  • Deployment
  • Tactical Vest/Chest Rig
  • Mailing help, etc. for new Army mom

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