Field Report #307 August 1, 2008

Integration Transformed Military
July 26 marks the 60th anniversary of President Harry S. Truman’s executive order that integrated the U.S. armed forces. Conrad Crane said the order recognized a basic tenet of warfare.

The latest GI Bill considerably improves the opportunity for today’s servicemembers to obtain their education, a senior Defense Department official said.

Group Makes Job Hunt Easier for Disabled Vets
The hunt for a fulfilling job can be frustrating, but disabled veterans have a new online tool available to help them tackle that task.

US, Inc.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today called it a “sacred responsibility” to care for the generation of American military children affected by the deployment, and in some cases the death, of a servicemember parent.

Rock Band Sevendust Performs for Troops
Modern-rock band Sevendust put on a performance like no other for servicemembers here July 12 at the final stop on their first United Service Organizations tour.

About 60 servicemembers preparing to retire or separate from the military got the word loud and clear during a recent Transition Assistance Program workshop here: If Uncle Sam can’t have you any more, the public school system would love to have you.

Pfc. Craig Green had no intentions on joining the military when he accompanied a friend to a local armed forces recruiting office in his hometown of Bluffton, Ind., more than a year ago. But for some reason he did.

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