Field Report #304 June 15, 2008

Congress Frees Up Military Pay Funds
The Defense Department will now be able to pay its troops and civilians through the end of next month, thanks to budgetary-related actions approved by Congress, a senior Pentagon spokesman told reporters here today.

Troops Eager for GI Bill Revision
At every “all-hands” meeting he’s had with troops from Zamboanga in the Philippines to Baghdad to Fort Bragg, N.C., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff gets questions about changes to the GI Bill.

All the services met or exceeded their May active-duty recruiting goals and have exceeded their target recruiting numbers for this point in the fiscal year, Defense Department officials announced today.

Why Wait 3 Months

Students from the Monroe Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) teamed up with depot employees to learn about different career opportunities available at Tobyhanna.

Memorial 'Planting' Honors Fallen
Three additional trees were planted here today along Warriors Walk, bringing to 411 the number of Eastern redbud trees in the memorial honoring fallen 3rd Infantry Division soldiers who died in Iraq.

Servicemembers, veterans and their families going through problems related to deployments can get help from a California-based troop-support organization.

My wife has a phrase she likes to use when we're going to a family function, a special occasion of any sort, and of course, when we go on vacation.

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