Field Report #295 February 1, 2008

Active duty troops will receive retroactive earnings next month, followed weeks later by a supplemental payday for non-active personnel, a Pentagon official said today.

A longtime player of the game "America's Army" became a first responder following a car accident in November when he employed the life-saving techniques he learned by playing the video game.

Army Reserve Baghdad Re-enlistment
A mass re-enlistment for 100 Reserve Soldiers at Camp Victory Jan. 18 kicked off the U.S. Army Reserve's year-long 100th birthday celebration.

Do you need debt relief now??

Earnhardt Jr. Drives Guard Cars
As he drives its sponsored race cars at NASCAR's top auto racing competitions this year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. hopes to learn more about the National Guard.

Your new gym membership has yet to be used and that clutter you resolved to organize still needs tackling, but your resolution to help others this year still has hope.

Since 2001, Anniston Army Depot and the Alabama Department of Education have combined efforts to support the ANAD Career Academy.

Suze Orman Presents Finance Course
Suze Orman delivered a high-energy crash course in personal finance Jan. 11 at Fort Dix's Timmermann Center.

WHNS Greenville, SC - (WHNS)
Jan. 31, 2008. 04:52 AM EST
A Greenville lawmaker wants to make underage drinking legal for members of the military.

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