Field Report #288, October 15, 2007

GI Bill Benefits have increased, and as of October 1, 2007, full-time students with GI Bill benefits may now be eligible for over $1101 per month to cover the cost of their education.

OPSEC: Keeping the Military Safe
OPSEC, also known as Operational Security, is the principle that we, as Army wives and Army family members, should all abide by when talking about our soldiers.

Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Richard A. Cody swore in six new recruits and re-enlisted six Soldiers in a ceremony today celebrating success in recruiting and retention for fiscal year 2007.

Mountain State University Move Up the Ranks by Earning Your Leadership Degree Online

Microsoft Lends Support to Troops
As part of its continued commitment to honoring service members and their families, software giant Microsoft Corp. announced today that it has become a corporate supporter of the Defense Departmentís America Supports You program.

E-mail Phishing Targeting DoD Bank
Customers of the DoD Community Bank and other institutions providing financial services to Department of Defense military and civilian personnel continue to be targeted with e-mail phishing campaigns which attempt to gather personal and account information.

Military personnal flying to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, or the Caribbean will need to present a passport (the temporary accommodation, which allowed citizens to present a photo ID and proof of passport application, ended on September 30, 2007).

Group Gears Up to Send Holiday Goodies
In California, a modern-day Mrs. Claus is rallying her helpers once again to fill care packages with goodies for troops serving far from home during the upcoming holiday season.

WZTV FOX Nashville - (WZTV)
Oct. 10, 2007. 11:09 PM EST
Lawyers are investigating on high tech surveillance to anti-war protesters.

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