Field Report #279, June 1, 2007

The American Red Cross is warning military spouses about a new identity-theft scam that targets family members of deployed troops.

Andrew Jackson University, an accredited university whose courses are accessible online, announced that it is offering partial scholarships to spouses of serving military personnel. Announces Online Chat and Instant Messaging is proud to announce the launch of it's new online chat and instant messaging system.

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It was a proud day for 19 active-duty servicemembers who took the oath of allegiance making them among the newest U.S. citizens during a naturalization ceremony here Memorial Day.

New Army Enlistment Incentives
Army offering more than $50,000 in incentives for 2-year enlistment, raising maximum bonus for 3-year enlistment to $25,000.

Famecast Looks for Military Stars
When it comes time to lock and load, roll out and do their duty as America’s first line of defense, we all know that the scores of brave soldiers and officers in the U.S. military have talent to spare. But, amid the “shock and awe” of ongoing warfare, the rest of us might lose sight of the art that these gifted individuals are really capable of creating.

Army Defends Body Armor Quality
U.S. troops operating in Iraq and Afghanistan have the best body armor in the world, and the Army is constantly looking for ways to improve force protection, the general in charge of the program told reporters here today.

Associated Press - (APTN)
May. 31, 2007. 03:39 PM EST
A network of private generators is replacing the national power grid in Iraq, with individuals running businesses selling power to residents. (May 31)

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