Field Report #274, March 15, 2007

A Father and Son Reunion
Having a servicemember for a dad might mean holidays apart during deployment or a few missed soccer games. But in this case a 25-year separation put their relationship to the ultimate test.

Active Services Exceeds February Recruiting
Despite all the anti-war sentiment in the media and in Washington D.C. America's men and women are volunteering at a rate that exceeds the militaries goals for February.

General Notes Less Violence, More Confidence in Iraq
Violence is down in Iraq and Iraqis "are starting to see this growth and gaining new confidence," a coalition spokesman in Baghdad said today.

Bonuses: Earning Extra Money
In addition to Basic Pay or Drill Pay, there are many opportunities to earn additional money in the Army. These one-time bonuses are available if you choose a specific Army job, complete special training, take on extra responsibilities or have served in the military before.

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Army e-Learning
The latest component of DLS is Army e-Learning. The Army e-Learning Program provides free training for every Active Army, National Guard, Reservist, ROTC Cadet and Department of the Army Civilian with access to over 2,000 commercial web-based information technology, foreign language, business, leadership, and personal development courses.

Shades of Green® on WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort
Shades of Green® on WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort...
is an Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) located in Central Florida. The newly expanded Shades of Green is the only AFRC located in the continental U.S. The Shades of Green Resort is a true resort destination; offering the perfect mix of exceptional resort accommodations and friendly hospitality.

Rehab Center Caters to Techno-Savvy
With a one-of-a-kind virtual reality simulator and a sports program that could challenge even the most intense extreme sports fan, the Army's new physical rehabilitation center offers patients "therapy disguised as fun," said Col. John Shero.


WKRC CBS 12 Cincinnati - (WKRC)
Mar. 09, 2007. 06:45 PM EST
Army PFC Tim Hines honored by his wife with a charity March Madness Bracket.

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