Field Report #270, January 15, 2007

Bush Outlines New Strategy for Iraq
While some Soldiers are taking opportunities offered by the Army for granted, others are taking full advantage of everything offered to them. The Army offers excellent educational benefits but it’s up to each soldier to set their goals and work to achieve them.

2006 Income Tax Information
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Are you wondering how to care for and wear the new ACUs? Here's the scoop.

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Battle Buddies Give Recruits Confidence
Despite the many dangers that lurk behind abrupt corners, wait idly underneath the fine sands and come falling from the gray sky, two forward observers with Headquarters Company, Division Special Troops Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, know why they have their boots on the ground in Iraq: the Soldiers right beside them.

Web Site To Serve Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is the nation's first and largest group dedicated to the Troops and Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the civilian supporters of those Troops and Veterans.

Associated Press - (APTN)
Jan. 15, 2007. 07:08 AM EST
Here's the latest news for Monday, January 15th: New Iraq executions; Rice trip to Middle East; Midwest ice storm moves east; Nation remembers MLK

  • General Wants Gay Ban Lifted
  • Admitting strategy error, Bush adds Iraq troops
  • Dems Vow to Resist Iraq Troop Hike
  • Democrats to Bush: No more troops to Iraq
  • Choppers Drop Hay to Snowbound Cattle

  • War films
  • US strike 'targeted principal al-Qa'eda leaders'
  • General Augusto Pinochet dies aged 91
  • 2nd Chance For Victory
  • Gay in the Army