Field Report #269, January 1, 2007

Selective Service To Test Draft
The U.S. has not tested the "Military Draft System" since 1998 and The Selective Service System plans a comprehensive test of the military draft machinery in 2009. The Selective Service agency says they are NOT GEARING UP FOR A DRAFT.

UAV Crews Help Keep ‘Eye in the Skies’ Over Baghdad
It’s hard to believe that such a small aircraft could make such an awfully loud racket. But with all the noise of the unmanned aerial vehicle, comes help in the battle against the insurgency and sectarian violence that has been plaguing Iraq.

Military Housing Rates Boosted
Servicemembers will receive an average 3.5 percent boost in their basic allowance for housing compensation benefit in 2007, Defense Department officials said.

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Thinking About a Job? Think About a Career
A career that allows you to capitalize on your skills and be proud of your work. One that keeps you interested day in and day out, because it's all about your interests. Whether you're about to graduate from high school, already enrolled in college, or looking to change careers, you have the chance to become a Caterpillar® Dealer Service Technician right now.

Why I Serve-One Solider's Story Of Achievement
While some Soldiers are taking opportunities offered by the Army for granted, others are taking full advantage of everything offered to them. The Army offers excellent educational benefits but it’s up to each soldier to set their goals and work to achieve them.

APTN (APTN), World
Tue 2 Jan 2007 10:53 AM EDT
Following a 21 gun salute, military pallbearers carried the body of Gerald Ford down the Capitol steps, beginning his journey to the National Cathedral. (Jan. 2)

  • Saddam posts letter ahead of planned execution
  • Operation Christmas brightens holidays for military families
  • Christmas Duty
  • Al Qaeda's Western Recruits
  • Keeping Watch on the Border Wars

  • 7 Marines, 1 sailor charged with murder
  • 150,000 have died in Iraq fighting, says government
  • I hope Iran is next...
  • Ecomonics, Hezbolla's Opporunity?
  • US Army Delta Force