Field Report #268, December 15, 2006

Army Makes November Recruiting Goals
In spite of the media's relentless efforts to demoralize potential recruits, the Pentagon said Tuesday it is having success enlisting new troops. All active-duty components made their recruiting goals in November.

The New Army Combat Uniform
The ACU consists of a jacket, trousers, patrol cap, moisture wicking t-shirt and the recently adopted Army Combat Boot (Temperate and Hot Weather). The new ACU is the culmination of many months of research and development by Soldiers, for Soldiers. Creating World’s Largest Greeting Card
Check out and the World's Largest Christmas & Holiday Card to the Troops! On December 22, will present the card to the Sergeant Major of the Army, who will receive the card on behalf of all service-members.

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TRICARE- Expanded Mental Health Screening Deploying Troops
The Department of Defense has issued improved policy guidance for military personnel with deployment-limiting psychiatric conditions, and for those who are prescribed psychiatric medications.

Troops Pay Hidden Cost Of Multiple Deployments
Troops are now being re-deployed to battle as many as five times with less and less time to decompress between tours of duty. Were there not a need for so many bodies in the field, troops displaying emotional problems would be a liability and sent home for treatment.

Associated Press - (APTN)
Dec. 15, 2006. 02:36 PM EST
Architect of the unpopular war in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was praised lavishly Friday for his service to the United States on a day of pageantry and testimonials for the outgoing Pentagon chief. (Dec. 15)

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