Field Report #264, October 15, 2006

Strong Hopes for the New Army Slogan
The Army is replacing the relatively new slogan "An Army of One." The Army had to reevaluate the effectiveness of its $200 million per year advertising contract after missing its recruiting goals in 2005. The result is a new slogan with high expectations and deep meaning.

Employer/Army Reserve Relations
In the current Global War on Terrorism, civilian employers of Army Reserve Soldiers play a critical role in the defense of the nation. It is imperative and vitally important that the Army Reserve and the local community work together to build on the talents and skills of the Citizen-Soldier.

Military Transforming Medical Records
It looks like “Dog Tags” are destined to go high tech. The U.S. military is working to get vital medical information stored on an electronic dot tag.

Army Training: More Than Just a Resume Bullet
Too often Army personnel do not realize the information and skills they gain while in the military will allow them to reap huge profits in the stock market.

Port Security Law Helps Protect American People
America’s seaports are vitally important to the nation’s economic health. New law leverages technology to enhance security at U.S. ports. The new legislation also codifies the Container Security Initiative implemented in 2002. That program deploys U.S. customs inspectors to dozens of foreign ports where they screen ship’s cargo before it departs for American destinations.

APTN (APTN), World
Tue 10 Oct 2006 05:23 AM EDT
The U.S. Army unveils a new recruiting campaign as it also announces recruitment numbers jumped significantly over last year.

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