Field Report #263, October 1, 2006

Top 5 Reasons People Fear Boot Camp
...and How to Overcome Them - Fear is a recruit’s number one enemy. Here are the top five aspects of basic training that recruits fear the most and how to overcome that fear.

GI Bill Increased Educational Assistance Allowance
As of October 1, 2006 Active Duty servicemembers are eligible for up to $1,075 a month. Full time reservist are eligible for up to $309 per month. Use your GI Education Benefits. You earned them.

Iranians Behind Shipping Weapons to Iraq
Labels on weapons stocks seized inside and outside Iraq point to Iranian government complicity in arming Shiite militias in Iraq.

What Army personnel Should Know About the REDUX Military Retirement System
There are currently two retirement options for military retirees, High-Three and REDUX. Consider all the facts before you decide which path to take.

Freedom Rings On The Airways in Iraq
The voices and the faces of freedom are making their way onto the airwaves in the Diyala Province for the first time since coalition forces arrived in 2003.

What Do You Know About the New Iraq? Here are the New Facts
The war in Iraq has brought many changes. Find out the facts about the New Iraqi government, economy, and social structure.

Sun 1 Oct 2006 07:18 AM EDT
The Israeli Army says it has withdrawn the last of its troops form Lebannon. The withdrawal fulfills a condition of the cease-fire that ended the war between Israel and Hezhollah guerillas.

  • Bush Would Order Military Action in Pakistan If Bin Laden is There
  • Failed Jordan bomber sentenced to death
  • Deadlock as Saddam refuses to attend trial
  • Police ID gunman in Colo. Shooting
  • Woman tried as Tokyo Rose dies

  • Lebanon peace keeping, the past and the future.
  • UK troops take over Afghan duties
  • NATO is a failure
  • Do they drug test you when you get to BCT?
  • Favorite Tank