Field Report #261, September 1, 2006

AKO Homepage Gets New Look, Easy Features
Computer users landing on the Army Knowledge Online homepage are finding a new format. AKO launched a new homepage Aug. 26 to help users easily navigate the site and find information quickly.

Corps Engineers Unsung Heroes of Katrina
Employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who are involved in disaster operations have never welcomed the experience of something called the “storm of the century.”

10 Vital Things To Know About Military Retirement
During my husband's retirement ceremony back in 2004, I was surprised to hear so many soldiers saying they weren't ready personally or financially for retirement.

Stopping Army Divorce, Communication Key to Relationships
At least a quarter of all therapy sessions conducted by marriage and family therapist Belinda Jellison, a licensed, professional counselor at Lyster Army Health Clinic, are for relationships, she said. Some couples may be able to reconcile their differences, but statistics show that roughly half of married couples cannot, and the relationship ends in divorce.

Who's Doing All This Traveling
Check out Special Offiers! Traveling has always been one of those activities in life that satisfies needs and wants. Humans sometimes need to travel, perhaps for business or personal reasons.

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