Field Report #256, June 15, 2006

Army Streamlines Service Uniforms to One Blue Army Service Uniform
Army service uniforms will be streamlined to one blue Army Service Uniform, the Army announced today. “World-class Soldiers deserve a simplified, quality uniform. The blue Army Service Uniform is a traditional uniform that is consistent with the Army’s most honored traditions.”

Army celebrates 231st birthday
Cake-cutting ceremonies, balls, special concerts and Soldier appreciation days will take place throughout the Army and around the world this week in honor of the Army’s 231st birthday.

Dead-on Shooting Tips from a Combat Sniper
There is one word that every rifle shooter should know: BRASS. It is a word I learned many years ago as a young US Marine rifleman, and later a Marine sniper.

Services Achieve Active-Duty Recruiting Success in May
All the military services achieved or exceeded their active-duty recruiting goals in the month of May, which marks the 12th consecutive month they've done so, according to information released by DoD June 9.

Breach Of Trust Undermines Active And Retired Military
On the 62nd anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, when the United States Armed Forces as part of the Allied Forces including Britain and Canada, landed on the beaches of Normandy, France and helped free France and much of Europe from the strongholds of Nazi Germany, there is no better time than to remember the sacrifices of all U.S. military members and their families.

Shopping For A Mortgage Loan?
Most mortgage consumers ask, “what’s your interest rate?” While this is an important question, it is not THE question that should be asked.

QUICK TIP: Recent Changes In Creditor Policies
Recent changes in creditor policies and the United States Bankruptcy laws have created a tremendous financial burden for consumers. It is critical that we raise awareness and increase education in regards to these areas.

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