Field Report #255, June 1, 2006

Identity Theft Tips from USAA
With one unfortunate incident, 26.5 million U.S. veterans had their personal information compromised, and it could just as easily happen to anyone of us.

Tips for Families of Activated Personnel
Reservist and National Guard families whose loved ones have been activated for duty in Iraq or other distant lands face not only separation but often financial hardship as well. A survey by the Department of Defense for Reserve Affairs found that 31 percent of families saw a decrease in income when a husband or wife was called up.

10 eLearning Questions
If you're like many considering eLearning as a way to advance your career or continue your education, you might find the world of online education as confusing as it is intriguing. For those of you wondering how a college experience can be delivered on a computer, we've compiled answers to 10 frequently asked questions about distance learning from seasoned professionals.

Earned Retirement Opportunities Act Gives Combat Troops Tax Help
An act signed into law May 29 by President Bush solves a conflict in the tax code by allowing servicemembers who serve in a combat zone to still contribute to their individual retirement accounts, a Defense Department official said here today.

MWR Travel Packages Make Australian Vacations More Affordable
Morale, Welfare and Recreation patrons will be hard-pressed to beat the cost of an Australian vacation purchased through their Information, Ticket and Reservation office.

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