Field Report #253, May 1, 2006

New recruits in critical specialties eligible for matching TSP funds
The Army announced April 14 that new recruits who are willing to fill critical specialties may receive matching funds when enrolling in the Thrift Savings Plan.

Self Employment, a Wise Career Choice for Military Spouses
Today’s home office technologies offer a wealth of opportunity for military spouses who wish to launch online Internet-based businesses that can be operated from virtually anywhere.

Is Distance Learning Right For You?
If you're like most people, you know someone who has taken an online class, or has considered it. After all, it makes perfect sense, especially when it comes to furthering your personal and professional goals. You can earn your degree online, minus all the time and location hassles that often accompany attendance at a traditional brick-and-mortar school.

Military, Families Can Get Online Mental Health Screening
Military members and families coping with the stress of overseas deployments and other potential health-threatening issues can log onto the Internet to get help, a U.S. military psychologist said here today.

Deployment disrupts children's lives, too
When deploying Soldiers leave behind loved ones, the disruption to family life can be especially hard on children. That’s why Dr. Thomas Hardaway, a child psychiatrist and chief of behavioral medicine at Brooke Army Medical Center, spoke with first- and second-graders at Fort Campbell, Ky., last fall when the 101st Airborne Division went to Iraq. He was coaching school administrators, counselors, nurses and parents to talk with children about deployment.

The Truth About Tax Refunds
RS records show most of us have $40 too much taken out of our earnings every week. Why? We either don’t know how many allowances to claim on our W-4, we’d rather overpay than write a check to the feds on April 15, or, we see it as an easy way to set aside funds for a vacation or big-screen TV.

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