Field Report #251, April 1, 2006

Army Changes Tattoo Policy
The Army has revised its policy on tattoos in an effort to bolster recruitment of highly-qualified individuals who might otherwise have been excluded from joining.

First $1,000 Referral Bonus Earned
Sgt. Jeffrey Kauten, of the Army Reserves Detachment 4, 2300 Military Intelligence Group, Charlottesville, Va., was the first Soldier to qualify under the latest recruiting incentive that pays Soldiers a $1,000 lump sum payment for referring applicants who enlist, complete basic training, and graduate advanced individual training.

New Procedures for Soldiers to Request Tuition Assistance
The purpose of this message is to announce a new Army Human Resources Command (AHRC) Army Continuing Education System (ACES) process for automating tuition assistance (TA) through a new education website. Starting 1 Apr 06, Army TA will only be available through the education website,

Army Wife Talk Radio "Gets A Life Too"
The new internet talk radio show, Army Wife Talk Radio (AWTR), developed specifically for army wives, will be celebrating it's one year anniversary in April of this year. Kicking off the anniversary celebration, authors of "Help! I'm A Military Spouse -- I Want A Life Too!" Holly Scherer and Kathy Hightower will share a four part audio conference with the AWTR listeners.

Underfunded Federal Mandates Belie Port Security
As the story unfolds, it is perhaps important to gain some perspective on the underlying facts and historical context of the United Arab Emirates based Dubai Ports World (DPW) since its takeover of London based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. (P&O), before political allegiances and commercial interests totally obscure the main issues at hand.

My spouse is in a combat zone, what do I do about his/her taxes?

If you have a Soldier in a combat zone, 99% of the time the Department of Defense (DOD) notifies the IRS when your Soldier enters the combat zone. However, DOD does not notify the IRS when your Soldier leaves the combat zone. To insure the IRS has your Soldier's information in the event that you can't file for your Soldier:
  1. Send an email to :
  2. Include the Soldiers name, stateside address, date of birth, and the date they entered the combat zone. The IRS will send a letter of confirmation
  3. If you do not have computer access you can put the same information in a letter and send it to the Soldier's local IRS Service Center preferably with a copy of the Soldier's orders, if they have them.
  4. The extension is 180 days from the day they leave the combat zone plus the number days they had available to file while they were in the combat zone.

    * For example: your husband entered the combat zone the end of the year, so this year he had January 1 thru April 15 (105 days) to file but was in the combat zone.

    Therefore he also gets that amount of time added to his extension. So he will have 180 + 105 (285 total) days from the date he leaves the combat zone to file his taxes.

Locating a Soldier--With the Army's Help
Those who have lost track of old friends in the Army can find help locating their friends with the help of the Army's World Wide Locator. For a small fee (under ten dollars) and a letter, the Army locator can provide military address of that old friend and resume contact. Many people simply submit names and birth date information, only to get a letter back saying more information is needed.

This service provides military addresses of soldiers on active duty in the U.S. Army. It does not provide information on Army National Guard, Army Reserves or soldiers who have separated / retired.

A fee of $3.50 is charged to private businesses, creditors, friends and profit-making organizations for each address search. The check or money order must be made payable to the Finance Officer and is not refundable.

Family members of the individual being searched, state and local government agencies, active/retired military and non-profit organizations are exempt from paying the fee.

Mail requests to:

Commander, EREC
8899 E. 56th Street
Indianapolis IN 46249-5301

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