Field Report #248, February 15, 2006

Army requests $110.4 BILLION for FY 2007
The Defense Department's proposed fiscal 2007 budget reflects difficult decisions made by senior leaders as they seek to balance today's military needs with those anticipated for tomorrow, a senior official said here Feb. 10.

Groups Combine Resources, Give Troops Valentines
Two organizations have teamed up to send valentines to troops in Baghdad in a union made possible by "America Supports You."

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TRICARE Dental Program Begins New Contract
TRICARE Management Activity will begin its new TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) contract with United Concordia Companies Inc. on Feb. 1, 2006. United Concordia will continue to furnish worldwide, comprehensive dental coverage to include preventive, diagnostic, restorative and maintenance services to all eligible Uniformed Services active duty family members and to National Guard and Reserve members and/or their eligible family members.

Army Modernizing to Win Long War
The U.S. Army needs the support of Congress to win the long war against terrorism and to meet other 21st century threats, Army officials said during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee here yesterday.

Portable Professions - Spouse Careers Can Survive Frequent Moves
I had the perfect job. As the automotive and real estate editor for The Shreveport Times, I received a new car or truck each week to test drive. I drove luxury autos, sports cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, vans, and sedans all brand-new.

Deduction for Overnight Travel Expenses of National Guard and Reserve Members

For tax years after 2002, reservists who stay overnight more than 100 miles away from home while in service (e.g., for a drill or meeting) may deduct unreimbursed travel expenses (transportation, meals and lodging) as an above-the-line deduction. The deduction is limited to the rates for such expenses authorized for federal employees, including per diem in lieu of subsistence.

For 2005, taxpayers will use Form 2106, Employee Business Expenses, or 2106-EZ, Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses, to figure the deduction amount and carry it as a "write-in" to Form 1040, line 33, putting the letters "RC" and the amount on the dotted line and including this subtraction in the entry for line 33.

QUICK TIP: 10 Tips to Survive Basic Training
Basic Training is a gruelling experience. You'll be pushed phsyically and mentally to be the best you can be. You've probably braced yourself for the intense demands you'll face but no matter how prepared you think you are you'll be surpised at just how tough things will get. Here are 10 tips to help you survive basic training.

  • U.S. troops in Iraq adopt oil strategy
  • Many Troops Don't Want Extra Body Armor
  • Navy to increase numbers inside Iraq
  • TRICARE Plan Finalized
  • Army's BEAR program aims to fill understaffed specialties

  • High Priority MOS
  • US Troops Pay Increase
  • Switching Sevices
  • Enlistment Age Increased
  • Guard to Active Army